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Hyundai + The Walking Dead

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INNOCEAN - Internal Posters

Innocean/Artist Collaboration

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OPI - Print Campaign

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O.P.I is known for the creative names they give their colors. With that in mind, these print ads tell a story that might have happened while wearing a specific color and incorporate the color into the story.

So my friend sets me up with her friend's friend's brother's friend. You know how it goes. Not too excited about this. But then I saw him, and WOW! Plus, he was such a gentleman! We shared some Coney Island Cotton Candy by the pier and had the best time together.

Coney Island Cotton Candy
One of our many delicious colors

Art Direction, Copywriting, Photography
Andrew Kapamajian
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It was my day off so I decided to slip into my Tangerine Bikini and lay out by the pool for a bit. I go out and guess what. Lounging right next to my usual chair is the hot guy from apartment 2A! I know! So I start walking and as I pass by, he smiles and says hi!

Tangerine Bikini
One of our many sexy colors
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I'm Not Really a Waitress, you know. I'm destined for bigger and better things. That's right. I just landed my dream internship at the hottest TV network in New York! Don't worry, I won't forget about you when I make it big.

I'm Not Really a Waitress
One of our many ambitious colors
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