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Kombucha has an ancient history of having almost supernatural healing powers. With that in mind, this campaign was created in the vain of old circus and snake oil posters.

It's Kombucha Wonder Drink! Step right up and experience this marvelously magical blend of unusually unrelated ingredients, brewed and fermented to create the world's most potent Elixir of Life! This ancient recipe uses only the wonders of nature to heal the mind, the body, and the soul! Kombucha Wonder Drink. A curious tonic.

Illustrations, Art Direction & Copywriting
Andrew Kapamajian
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Have no fear! There are but no mushroom intestines in this wonderful elixir. In fact, this curious concoction of Asian pear, ginger, oolong tea, and the mysterious kombucha mushroom rejuvenates and soothes your intestines with natural anti-oxidants and vitamin C. Experience the magic of Kombucha Wonder Drink. A curious tonic.
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Your body is about to embark on an anti-oxidant and vitamin rich journey to good health and longevity. How so? The magical ingredients in new Basil Pomegranate Kombucha Wonder Drink are bursting with anti-oxidants, iron, and vitamins A and K, promoting a healthy heart for a long and wonderful life. Kombucha Wonder Drink. A curious tonic.
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These old style vending machines would be placed in popular shopping malls and would entertain and inform the buyer with a short show while they wait for their drink. Here's a demo.
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