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With Hyundai being an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup, we had a unique opportunity to position Hyundai as a brand that understands fan passion.

So instead of trying to distract people from the World Cup, we decided to join people in expressing and sharing our passion with a custom Tumblr experience site full of futbol related artwork.

Because Tumblr is a hub for passionate subcultures, it proved to be the perfect medium to host all of our custom content, which was created in-house as well as by commissioned artists from all over the world.
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This was a series of posters I created for the Tumblr site based off of the insight that futbol, like dancing, requires good rhythm and footwork.

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This was a series of confessions I created for the Tumblr site based on the insight that people do some insane things #BecauseFutbol.

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